10 October 2019 (18:50) -
Realistic Launcher released.
10 October 2019 (07:47) -
Client will be released 1 hour before EU start time.
04 October 2019 (18:54) -
BETA test finished and countdown started.

  18 Oct 2019 - Update #1


Today after serversave we will update Realistic gameplay related to guilds, and we ask four your attention about this changes. Any doubts or bugs, search for us here on Discord.


We know that Realistic has two types of players, WAR players and RPG players. About this, we feel that WAR players are being harmed with the actual frag system, since it doesn't let wars happen often because of punishments with red skull and banishments.

Nevertheless we cannot just increase the number of frags, because it starts massive injustfied kills and powerabuse with neutral people, and they are the ones who drive our economy.

This way we found a solution that will be in test for few days, to know the impact of this on our game, which will make guilds made specifically for who like PVP, bringing a bonus to those who will be under this condition as an incentive.

Here are the changes:


  1. Player who leaves, get kicked or disband a guild will be punished with 36 hours to join another guild again;
  2. After the end of the test phase players will only be able to enter guilds with a certain number of Realistic Coins. Keep in mind that this is not a way to profit from guild creation (because few guilds will be created), but to avoid guild creation in vain by easily ending a guild and leaving the new system, thus forcing only those interested in WAR to come together for this purpose;
  3. All current guilds will be removed to prevent members being caught unaware of this news.


  1. IT'S NOT IMPLEMENTED YET: After test phase, all guild members will have 10% more monster experience as a bonus, due to the risk condition they will be in, as well as an incentive to fight wars;
  2. The experience of killing another player will only work between fights of players who are in rival guilds, no longer unjustly killed. Remembering that deaths between players of the same guild will not give experience, to avoid abuse;
  3. Finally, the X point of the question: from the moment you enter a guild you will automatically be in WARMODE with all other guilds on the server, not occurring in frags or skulls, but keeping the PZ locked. Every allie will have a green emblem, and other guild members a red emblem.

Every rule before can be changed, since it's on test phase.

We also did other modifications, the first is that Aura Ring now gives your a boost of 10 speed, and the Lost Spiders hunt place now is closed with a bridge to avoid luring.

Have a nice game!

posted by Rafael

  15 Oct 2019 - Miscellaneous


We have added two systems in our website. The first allows you sell your character for Realistic Points. You can check character's auction here

The second is name change, but remember that the old name will keep showed in your character page.

Both systems can be found in your account panel, editing character.

Have a nice game!

posted by Rafael

  10 Oct 2019 - Important


Before starting in our server, read with attention these informations about rules, server modifications and gameplay modifications:

Rules add-ons:

  1. Only 4 (four) connections by IP will be allowed, you can login 1 (one) main character plus 3 (three) makers. If you share the same internect connection, call our staff on Discord to get a whitelist on ANTI-MC system;
  2. Macros are allowed for making runes, you can do it away from keyboard, but autologout feature will be punished with permant banishment;
  3. Our client has an ANTIBOT feature that detect automatically BOT users. It will kick you at the first time with a warning message. If you try login again, account will be permanent banned;
  4. If a Gamemaster goes to you and you are doing some game act and doesn't answer in a minute, your account will be permanent banned.

Gameplay modifications:

  1. We have an antilogout system for runemakers, so, everytime you cast a runespell you will get a simple one minute PZ locked to avoid it;
  2. Change gold feature with right click on gold, or gold stack;
  3. Transfers are totally free , but for transfering from hosts you will have to wait a week after first time login into Realistic World. After this, every transfer will have a 24 hours cooldown;
  4. Druids now has a new spell called Light Heal Friend (Exana Sio). It doesn't cross walls;
  5. The Poison Storm spell does physical damage, to balance Druids a little bit, but the damage is lower than Ultimate Explosion spell;
  6. AOE runes and spells, like Great Fireball and Ultimate Explosion gets 5% damage decreased while dealing damage to more people, with the maxium of 40% decrease. This is useful to avoid spam PVP and focus on player skills;
  7. The speed formula is modified (almost perfect), where just 1 (one) level makes difference to get enemys lost;
  8. Mana fluids are a little bit buffed, instead 20-75 mana of original 7.4 version;
  9. Vials of mana fluids are automatically deleted after use;
  10. The Desert Quest can be done alone without team.

Server modifications:

  1. The Realistic Launcher will install c++redistributable2017 32 bits for client compatibility, also .NET 4.0 for launcher compatibility. It will download updates automatically;
  2. Spawn time is a bit higher than normal time, so, monsters will respawn more often;
  3. On the first server day experience table in Rookgaard will be doubled;
  4. Blessings are a little bit nerfed, getting around 20% more losing in comparission with old formula;
  5. Our custom NPC's for buy/sell, task, quests, can be found here;
  6. Our custom hunts places can be found here;
  7. The full 7.72 map can be found here. To use it, just copy the file to user data Realistic directory (C:/Users/USERNAME/realistic/);
  8. Houses and Guildhalls can be only buyed with a specific key thats for sell on our shop. You don't need to pay rent, but if you lose your Premium Time you will lose your house. If you transfer to another world, you will keep your house in your main world;
  9. BETA players were rewarded with an unique outfit, to get it, go to Thais, find Kvasir Geirolnir NPC near Knights Guild and ask him for BETA outfit.

posted by Rafael

  04 Oct 2019 - A new war is coming

posted by Rafael

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