10 October 2019 (18:50) -
Realistic Launcher released.
10 October 2019 (07:47) -
Client will be released 1 hour before EU start time.
04 October 2019 (18:54) -
BETA test finished and countdown started.

  29 Oct 2019 - Anti bot


This is a warning for those that are using unoffical software to play: after next server save we will start implementing an antibot system.

Now every single packet sent to Realistic server will be recorded for investigation, this means that all bytes received by our server will be analyzed into a detection algorithm, including Realistic client integrity.

The checks will be manually and guided by our team, so, if you were reported, a Gamemaster will search for a possible violation. Remember that if you have any instance of any kind of bot running in your computer you may be banished.

We are sure about the accuracy of this sytem, and no contestation after banishment can be done, it's an arbitrary ban.

By the way, from now we are including a clause in your game rules that will start accepting Twitch plataform clips as proof of ilegal software using.

Our team will keep working to make game clear, best regards.

posted by Rafael

  25 Oct 2019 - Mysterious Gian't Forest

Hello player,

After the next server save we will do the first map expansion, The Mysterious Giant's Forest. 

Remember to close and reopen Realistic Launcher for updating client before playing again. 

If you have any trouble while updating, contact us at our Discord on the blue icon on the right side of this screen, or try download the direct client ZIP here.

New monsters, new items and new quest were added. It will be acessible through Crocodile's Way, at Port Hope.

We also modified some "hur up" spots, ghostland as an example, to make it work like 7.4 version.

We hope you enjoy this new adventure!

posted by Rafael

  23 Oct 2019 - Rework


Since guilld war system is on test, this is the first rework on this. After this momment, creating guilds for giving experience to yourself, allies and friends, or selling kills, will be abuse and punished with eternal banishment. 

The decision about is abuse or not will be intended to Gamemasters.

We have implemented a first solution for this, and the enforced system for guild wars still enabled, but with some restrictions: after server save only guilds with 10 (ten) or more members will have experience by killing players system enabled.

By the way, we are happy to announce that we are working on a map update for this week, with a new hunting area, monsters and items.

posted by Rafael

  22 Oct 2019 - Banishments


In commitment to transparency of our work, here's the weekly graphic of banned accounts for using unofficial software to play:

We will keep doing our job to make game clear.

posted by Rafael

  18 Oct 2019 - Information

Hi again,

After this update two guild emblems were added, and is very simples to understand:

  1.  The red guild emblem appears on members of another guild, or if you don't have a guild, members of a guild. So, if you have a guild you are able to kill this person without getting skull or injustified kill. Otherwise, if you don't have a guild and attack this person, you will get skull and injustified kill, normally.
  2.  The green guild emble appears on your allies.


Any doubts use our Discord here.

posted by Rafael

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