10 October 2019 (18:50) -
Realistic Launcher released.
10 October 2019 (07:47) -
Client will be released 1 hour before EU start time.
04 October 2019 (18:54) -
BETA test finished and countdown started.

  04 Mar 2020 - Merge


Today we finally did the merge into Primera and Eternity with these changes:

  1. Since Primera was a temporary world, all players were kicked from their houses and items were sent to their depot chest;
  2. Every player from Primera that had a same name from player of Eternity was renamed to old name plus "Primera";
  3. On every account were added a "99" at the end, so, if your account was "123", now it is "12399".

Please, if you find any bugs report on our Discord here.

Thank and enjoy!

posted by Rafael

  03 Dec 2019 - The Rune Seller


Since Eternity has a low volume of players, a NPC called The Rune Seller were added on Thais depot. This is temporary to make this world playable for those that keeps beliving in our work. 

Also a new ice island called Nevasta were added, and it may be accessible by Carlin ferryboats.


posted by Rafael

  31 Oct 2019 - Good news


In order to motivate new players we are offering you half price as discount for currently characters for sell here.

Since a war team left server some rumors about closing Realistic were done by bad faith players, and all of them are lies.

We guarantee that we will keep advertising and updating our server with new hunts, quests and systems until the last player leaves.

So, this weekend we will make double loot!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

posted by Rafael

  30 Oct 2019 - Changes


Since war has ended, we will update frag system to avoid random player killing:

  1. 5 days of banishment;
  2. 3 kills daily for redskull;
  3. 6 kills daily for banishment;
  4. No more frags reducing.

posted by Rafael

  29 Oct 2019 - Sytem implemented


The bot checker system is ready and functional. It will be used initially to control the integrity of wars on Realistic, avoiding players that are using battle helpers, like auto mana fluid, auto heal, and others.


Remember that any bot instance opened may cause banishment of your account. It means that it doesn't needs to be injected to your main character for it happens, just opened.

This is the last alert that we are doing, and we hope you believe on this before getting banned.

posted by Rafael

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