Our server has an official Discord, to enter just click on the image below and follow the rules:

  1. Be polite, respect is good and for free, use and abuse it!
  2. The discord server has availability for anyone, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, etc.
  3. The use of the chat of doubts should be only and only to solve doubts.
  4. The use of the chat should be only and only for conversations between players.
  5. It is forbidden to offend any player or administrator in the discord.
  6. It is forbidden to make posts and comments (whether on Discord or inside the server) racist, homophobic and with any content +18. May be permanently banned.
  7. Avoid spam! Repeat messages hinder the chat, please make good sense!
  8. It is extremely forbidden any sharing of pornography, be it image, photo, video, link, etc ...
  9. It is forbidden to divulge another Discord or Server, in case someone is sending spam on another server / discord in your private one please contact some ADM / MOD as soon as possible.

ALL members of the server must place their character's ID in the discord's nickname.




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Accounts: 8277
Characters: 9529
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